Exhibition Team

Horizon 16 Takeaways Team


The creative genius behind the exhibition theme, and keeper of all the best discount codes known to man, our glorious captain Ryan Voevodin is responsible for guiding the cohort to the finish line with cool-headed leadership and superior team motivation skills.

Horizon 16 Web Team


From UI/UX design to git version control, to automating staging deployments and manufacture of a handful of beautiful secret easter eggs, the Horizon web team (comprising Liam Sheppard, Michael Schmidt and Thomas Cunningham) is responsible for making a completely custom experience, true to the Horizon brand.

Horizon 16 Takeaways Team


Our dedicated takeaways team Jess Vandersande and Charlotte Edmondson have been responsible for delivering a printed and lasting exhbition 'takeaway' that truly encapsulates the Horizon brand and exhibition experience in the form of an epic cohort card collection.

Horizon 16 Exhbition Design Team

Exhibition Design

No exhibition design team could have presented our Horizon 16 IVD Graduates in a better light than our talented Hannah Saltissi and Holly Hutson. After countless hours of ideation, planning and management, they transformed the space at QUT's The Block into a true embodiment of the Horizon theme.

Horizon 16 Video + Motion Graphics Team

Video + Motion Graphics

Our effects wizard Mark Lappin is the creator of Horizon's videography and motion graphics. Applying his multimedia skills to great effect, Mark has brought the Horizon brand to life for promotion and projection, and transformed our team's two-dimensional logo into our three-dimensional light sculpture model.

Horizon 16 Sponsorship Team


Core to the success of the Horizon 16 Graduate Exhibition and its execution, Shona Robinson was responsible for managing sponsorship, fundraising and social media campaigns targeting both the general public and industry.